Vendor Feature: Rose & Stone Planning

Meet Kandice Stone, a Portland based Wedding Planner and Coordinator. She owns Rose & Stone and has found herself creating and curating some of the most incredible wedding and elopements in the Northwest. She has an eye for style and perfection. You can find her work on Instagram at @roseandstonepdx and her website at You can learn a little more about her in this Q&A:

  • In three words or three small phrases, who are you?

    If I had to describe myself in just three words, I would use positive, determined, and fun!

  • What piqued your interest in wedding planning?

    It was actually in the process of planning my own wedding that made me fall in love with wedding planning. I've always been an organized person, a planner, a list-maker, etc., and planning my wedding allowed me to apply those things that I actually enjoy doing, and have them be useful towards making one of the most important days of my life a success. When my wedding was over, I missed the excitement of it all, and realized I'd love nothing more than to be a part of bringing other amazing couples' dream weddings to life.

  • What is the meaning behind Rose & Stone?

    The meaning behind the name Rose & Stone is very personal to me. My husband is Thai and his last name is 11 letters long and a doozie to pronounce if you're not familiar with it. Because of this, he's used "Stone" as a pseudonym for years. And since it was my own wedding that got me info wedding planning in the first place, I wanted to incorporate that. In addition, the juxtaposition between something so beautiful as a rose and something so hard as stone, to me perfectly describes wedding planning.

  • Do you prefer Wedding Planning or Day of Coordinating?

    I honestly don't have a preference with one or the other. I truly enjoy both! With Day of Coordinating, I take over communication with the vendors at least 60 days prior to the big day, and that's after lots of development with the couple beforehand, so I'm actually involved long before the day of. And with full service wedding planning, its so rewarding to help bring a specific vision to life, or even help figure out what the vision is! Both facets of planning are so rewarding.

  • Do you have a niche in wedding planning? What are you favorite kinds of weddings to plan?

    My favorite weddings to plan are the non-traditional ones! Whether it's ditching rituals that don't suit their personality, or adding in their own quirks, I love when the couple wants to make their wedding THEIR wedding.

  • Do you do the planning and coordinating yourself?

    Yes! As of now, Rose & Stone is just me. I love being in control and calling the shots to make sure that everything turns out as perfectly as possible.

  • Any pre-wedding rituals?

    Breakfast and a good night's sleep!! These are important every day of course, but oh-so-important on the big day. I also meticulously check my emergency kit (the kit of supplies ranging from band-aids to hairspray to snacks), to make sure I'm fully stocked and ready for whatever the day might throw at me and my couple (and their guests!).

  • Why Community over Competition?

    I love the Community over Competition movement because it's not only beneficial for myself as a vendor, but for couples getting married as well. It makes it possible to be able to refer a couple to a different vendor if you think they might be a better match. It creates open communication and collaboration between vendors, allowing us all to learn from each other and provide a better service/product to our couples. I also think it makes for a more enjoyable day to day as a vendor, knowing you have a whole community that supports you and wants to see you succeed.

  • What is your dream or vision for Rose & Stone?

    My dream for Rose & Stone is to be big enough that we need an office and a few employees. I want to be able to maintain the personal connection to my couples, but be able to offer that service to more couples.

  • What is the most important piece of advice you have for brides?

    I'm not sure it counts as "advice," but I always tell my couples to try not to stress about all the things that can possibly go wrong because most of them are probably not going to happen, and if something does go wrong, they (and me!) are probably the only ones that will even know something is wrong. The day goes by so fast and I want my couples to be able to be in the moment and enjoy themselves as much as possible!