Just Do It

I don't know about you, but I found the Shia LaBouf "Just Do It" video incredibly inspiring. Now, this is old news, but it continuously raises my spirits every time I even think about it. What is it about that ridiculous video that I find so inspiring? Well, to be honest, I connect with the humor of it. Things that are funny usually grab my attention the fastest and have the longest lasting impression. You know what they say, there's truth in humor.

But let's dig deeper. Yes, seriously! If you are like me and find yourself in weekly ruts, telling yourself things like "I'm not creative today, I'll do it later" or "I can't work on this project until A B and C are finished" or "I probably don't have time for it", then your cure is literally someone telling you to get off your bum and just do it. Yes, Shia, you are right. 

Through his screaming, his over-the-top gestures, and all around insanity, Shia reminds us to stop letting our dreams just be dreams. Think about it, that time that you spend on Facebook and Instagram, are you just daydreaming? Why? What has stopped you from turning your dreams into reality? Are you scared? Join the club. Did someone tell you no. Tell them no back. Are you too old? Don't make me laugh! The only thing stopping you from your dreams, hopes, and accomplishments, is you. 

When I tell myself "I don't have the energy to finish this project, there's always tomorrow", I remind myself that tomorrow can be used for better things. Progress happens one step at a time. With every day, there is movement. You are making progress just by reading this! Allow yourself to be inspired! Laugh at videos of people telling you to move it! Go see movies, read books, talk to strangers. 

Just Do it

[infamous video for those who are curious]