Cassie & Matt: Washougal Wedding

On a warm July evening, Cassie and Matt said "I Do" underneath the tree's breeze in a Washougal backyard. The minimalistic decoration was charming and romantic. There was space to roam, flowers to smell, and a tire swing to play on. There was nothing that needed to be added or adjusted; it was perfect on it's own.

Cassie comes from a long line of well known Washougal residents, and made her own name in the town. Cassie made connections with some of the best people in town. One couple of which lent her their gorgeous land for her wedding day. 

The day started among friends, with Kate Spade and Bowties. Cassie's room was filled with laughter, music, and good memories. As her hair and makeup was prepared, you could see the faces of her bridesmaids light up. Of course, we all knew she would make a gorgeous bride.

After her vows were written, hair was braided, shoes were on, and ribbon was tied, Cassie was ready to get married. Before the start of the ceremony, she opted to have a special moment with her and her dad. Their own first look. She promised her dad he will always be first, and she would forever be his little girl.

After the time with her father, she promised Matt a moment before the ceremony. Eagerly, she strolled up to her soon-to-be-husband, beaming from excitement. Matt turned around slowly to soak up the moment with his bride. After years of love, commitment, and devotion, it was finally time to be married.

Their vows consisted of memories, promises, and future aspirations. From the second Matt laid eyes on her, he promised Prom. Over a decade later, he promised Marriage. Chemistry was only the start, where life will take them is a secret. Their vows will change, become new, recycle old. But their love, this promise will remain unchanged and unbroken. Underneath the tree's breeze.