Knowing Your Photographer

I will always remind my clients that the investment they make on their photography services will always be a personal one. Above any other wedding investment, photography is chosen based on the "who" behind the scenes. Because of the amount of time spent with your photographer, it is important to make this decision first. 

On the wedding day, your photographer will be with you every step of the way. They will support you, encourage you, believe in you, and cry with you. Your photographer will help you avoid the mistakes and fix the ones that you couldn't. Your photographer will guide you. Your photographer will love you and believe in you. Your photographer will be the bridesmaid you didn't know you needed. 

In order to hire this photographer, however, you must know this photographer. The decision is tedious. The decision is time consuming. The decision is important. 

My belief is that your wedding day is your personal celebration. Choose a photographer who will celebrate you. Meet your photographer. Go out for coffee or drinks. Ask your photographer questions. Hang out for a moment with your photographer. Your gut will be right. You already know what it feels like to make a match.