Nichole & Matt: NE Wedding

This quiet love tied the knot a month ago. In a quiet nook in NE, this love celebrated their best chances. On a Sunny Sunday, Nichole and Matt shared these beginning moments with each other.

This silly love was beaming. A first look. A fresh start. A beautiful beginning. She walked up to him nervously. They laughed, she twirled, he smiled. They shined.

This mad love made the most of it. Among the chaos that is a wedding day. What was perfect was their marriage. What was perfect was their happiness.

This beautiful love danced. To the future and the present. They danced to celebration. They danced to promises and surprises. They danced until they could not dance.

This perfect love said yes. To years of friendship, laughter, and hard work. To goofy faces, cocktails, and takeout. This love said yes to late nights, bad days, and sleepy mornings. This love said yes to their friends and their family. They said yes with Dolly Parton and Succulents. With dark rooms and bright ones. This love said yes to each other. From today and everyday. Now and forever, yes.

Coordinating: Little Miss Planner
Florals: Espe Floral
Catering: Verde Cocina
Invitations: Darling Press
Venue: Northstar Ballroom

Film Used:
Portra 400
Ilford Delta 3600

Scanned & Processed by: Richard Photo Lab