Jenny & Brian: Northwest Portland Engagement

I have, hands down, the coolest clients in the Northwest. Meet Brian and Jenny. They are fun, they make you laugh, and they make you feel like old friends.

They can be serious, although they prefer to be silly. They are lighthearted and bring joy to those around. Laughing and smiling is their natural state.

Jenny and Brian like to make memories. At concerts, with friends, or just with each other. They are living their best lives. The grass is always greener, and the coffee is always delicious.

They are personal. Their friendships last lifetimes. They care about people, and they care about each other. 

Jenny and Brian are the cool guys. They lift your mood effortlessly. Their joy and their love radiate around them. Jenny and Brian are best friends. They are partners in crime. They are concert buddies and dance partners. They walk through life hand in hand with big cheesy grins, and big open hearts. Congratulations you two! The countdown to marriage begins.