Jessica & Mike: Columbia River Gorge Engagement

Love began abroad. Among friends and community. Love began after some trial and error. Love began with purpose and trust. 

Meeting was by chance. Jessica and Mike met in the Peace Corps; a life changing experience on numerous levels. From the encouragement (and persistence) of her friends, Jess agreed to a date.

They love close. Whether holding hands or embracing in a bear hug, they love connected. Their love is home. 

Mike and Jess love silly. Piggy back rides, spinning in circles, and falling to the ground - silly.

They love intimately. You see soulmates and partners. You see detectives and warriors. They are teammates, and marriage is the game plan.

Jess and Mike are friends. They are kindness. They are warmth. They are comfort. Mike and Jess are love, and every ounce they share with each other, they share with us.