Nichole & Matt : St. Johns Engagement

There is an imaginary string tying these two together. No matter where they stand, a piece of each other is always with them. Nichole and Matt are like soul mates, their story will be never ending. I joined the pair at Cathedral Park to celebrate the start of many memories. 

They are quiet, allowing room for their love to fill the air. They admit that they've never had this much attention at one time, and cameras make them awkward; their love is on the couch or in the grocery store, even at the bar with their friends. Their love has never been shouted from mountains or planes, as it doesn't really have to. 

I tell them, let it feel awkward, you will always look back and laugh. There are no bad memories in laughing with each other.

And they did laugh, maybe softly at first, but soon their love was giggles and dancing. It was holding hands and running. Their love was much more than patience and caring. Their love forgot about cameras and photos, their love forgot about bad days and challenges. 

Nichole and Matt's love is their own quiet love, but if you pay attention, you see their love is meant to be heard.