Vendor Feature: Brenna Burnett Designs

I want to talk Community over Competition this morning. In such a saturated creative wedding market, we professionals can be selfish. Hey, we all want to feed our families, I know your thinking! But you cannot grow a successful business without the help of your community. I'm sure you've heard the saying "A rising tide lifts all boats". I have felt first hand the warmth and acceptance of such empowering creatives. We cannot grow without the help of our neighbors. We cannot be the best versions of ourselves without the love of our neighbors. 
It is because of this reason, I decided to start featuring some of my favorite, hardworking, talented, and genuinely amazing people on my blog. I want you to know and love these people as I do.

Meet Brenna Burnett, owner of floral shop Brenna Burnett Designs. We had a little Q&A session to help get to know more about who she is. I hope you find her as delightful as I do. You can find her on Instagram @brennaburnettdesigns and Facebook at Brenna Burnett Designs.

Q: Why Brenna Burnett Designs? Why not "Florals" or "Floral Designs"?
I also create hand-built and wheel thrown ceramic and vases! We will be launching an etsy shop soon!

Q: Did anyone in particular inspire your love for flowers or the creative process?
My Grandma's each have played a large role in my inspiration. From an early age, flowers have been associated with some of my favorite memories of them. My Great Grandma owned a flower shop. She created all of the flowers for my parents wedding. I remember staring at their photos so in love with every detail of their arrangements. My Mom's bouquet still makes me swoon. My other Grandma is like coming home. She is the ultimate grandma, she just makes your heart happy. I grew up in Indonesia and every summer we would come back to the states and stay with them. Her home was always filled with the smell of Orchid & Stargazer lilies. She helped nurture my creativity. when we would arrive back to the states every summer, we would go to the Portland Nursery and she would let us pick out anything and everything we wanted. My love for flowers grew deeper. Each summer, we always picked out a rose bush, and planted it outside her kitchen window. What I am trying to say is that my inspiration is pulled from my roots and anchored in a family of flowers.

Q: When did you tell yourself "I want to do this, I want to be a florist"?
I have a dear friend to thank for that! I wouldn't be here without her unwavering encouragement and words of wisdom. She has been the most amazing mentor and friend and continues to do so each day. She was there when I got married and watched me rework my grocery store wedding bouquet, which was still terrible but better than when I originally received it. For the next month she wouldn't let it go that this was my calling, this was where my soul belongs. Oh was she right. Together we set up a styled shoot and the rest fell slowly into place. It feels so cheesy describing it like this, but I wouldn't have any of this without her and I don't think she will ever know how truly grateful I really am. She lit my fire.

Q: What's your favorite flower or flowers?
How many am I allowed to list? I have so many. The flowers I resonate best with are the bright, romantic, feminine flowers, like Ranunculus, Peonies, & Garden Roses. I've alway been a sucker for the intoxicating smell of Lilacs & Gardenias.

Q: And favorite florist?
Ali Briskey, Her work is bold, yet soft and lovely. I love her use of color and texture. She's an inspiration.

Q: Do you have help with the arrangements?
A lot of people don't know that this is, in many ways, actually a business partnership. I rely on my husband Dave in so many ways. He is brilliant with logistics and a genius at transporting my designs. I couldn't do this without him.

Q: What piqued your interest in flower crowns?
Bouquets are heavy and it gets tiring carrying them around. With flower crowns, I can just effortlessly carry flowers around with me. I mean who doesn't look wonderful wearing a crown! I could talk about flower crowns for days. I love everything about them.

Q: Any pre-wedding rituals?
Oh yes! I love a coconut latte from my favorite little coffee shop the morning before a wedding. Oh, it's heavenly. I work two to three days straight before a wedding so waking up early the day of with my latte is my calm before the storm.

Q: Why community over competition?
People. People will always be more important than a profit in my eyes. In a community, you build each other up, everyone grows and you get to help be there to cheer on each other's success. that to me is inspiring. When people are able to come together and support one another, amazing things happen. There will always be enough business to go around, I would hate to be so focused on turning a profit that i miss out on getting to know some truly spectacular people. I care about my clients, they are often time people embarking on the most exciting journey of their lives, being a part of that Is very special to me. I want to do everything in my power to make their dreams and visions a reality, and if that means sending them to another florist that better matches their style, I am happy to do so.

Q: What is your dream or vision for Brenna Burnett Designs?
I started out with the dream of booking a few weddings and just making it through the first year. Dave and I were newlyweds at the time and I had no idea where this would take me. The last two years have been inspiring. Five publications later, our shop has grown by one tiny little munchkin. Now we are having to turn away weddings! I am so grateful. My little made-to-order shop that started in our home has moved to another location with a cooler! A real flower cooler! These are what my dreams are made of, and they are slowly unfolding before my eyes. Right now, I have two big dreams. Out of state/ International weddings, and receiving a print publication. I don't know where this little-shop-that-could will take me, but one thing is certain, I am so in love with all the incredible people I have met along the way.

Q: Because I know everyone is obsessed with her, can we always expect photos of baby Addison in flower crowns?
Always. For Addie, there will be flowers, always, and always.