Featured Product: Legacy Albums

I think this Monday is perfect for easing into the week. I want to take it slow and do a little product demonstration. This featured product is my Legacy Album. I recently met with a wonderful lady named Elizabeth who specializes in Album design! We talked about what I wanted to offer my clients, and how she can both improve the design and quality of my albums, and create some ease in all of our lives. 

In the past, I have offered similar Layflat albums, but I decided to make the shift to these for the longer lasting quality they offer. The pages are thick and lay flat on each other to offer a number of benefits. The first is definitely full spread images. I particularly love these albums because they don't crease, which reduces the chance of damage.

These linen albums are offered in a variety of colors and letter foils. I chose Sea Foam for the linen and Silver for the foil because of the colors of this particular event. If you are considering an album, you can take a peek at the linen examples with me so you know exactly what you're buying.

I am excited to offer these albums exclusively. I would rather your investment be a lifetime one. I would rather your album be an heirloom. And above all, I want you to be proud of your album the same way I am. All weddings and events that include albums will be designed and curated by myself and Elizabeth. If you're interested in adding on an album to your package, don't hesitate to ask any questions!

All My Love,