Margo & Jordan: Cannon Beach Engagement

Back in January I announced I was giving away a free engagement session for my birthday. There were a ton of entries and a ton of amazing stories. It took me a while to narrow them down, but one couple's story stuck out to me in a very unlikely way.

Margo and Jordan had their first date while in college at a Roller Derby. Versus a traditional dinner date, this was a perfect choice to make the night fun and less anxious. As they arrived, Jordan hoped he'd play it cool and take it easy, but before the derby even started, he ripped his pants. Thankfully Margo was not embarrassed and didn't want to leave the date, instead she says it was love ever since.

And you can tell these goofballs are totally in love. They laugh together, goof around together, and have fun together as much as possible. Since Jordan worked in Spokane during the week, and Margo was closer to Portland, the long-distance made them cherish the moments they had with each other. 

Earlier last Winter, Jordan proposed to Margo on the coast of California, thus the obvious location for their engagement photos. They get married this Fall after long anticipation. Jordan will also be moving back from Spokane to be with Margo as they prepare for their marriage.

Through thick and thin, they will still make each other laugh. Everyday is a new adventure they are eagerly waiting. They will not waste the opportunity to be by each other's' side. 

I am thankful to have had the chance to photograph Margo and Jordan by Cannon Beach. Although I was given a small glimpse of their relationship, I know they are a special pair. I cannot wait to hear more stories from them in the future.