Meet my Mamiya

I'll be honest, I get overly excited about all things film. Like goofy excited. So excited, I asked my second photographer to take "Engagement" photos of me with my new camera. Not even kidding! 

Here is my Mamiya 645 Pro TL, the newest addition to my film camera collection, the second of my (expanding) Medium Format selection, and all around hunk of beauty. For any other photo nerds out there, that is the 80mm 1.9. Talk about a beautiful lens!

Although I often don't take myself seriously, I really take my photos seriously. I purchased this camera, not only for its picture quality, but for it's simplicity and it's reliability. Here is the new prime of my film images. Although I do plan on still using my 35mm Olympus and my 120mm Yashica-Mat, I am really really excited to use this Mamiya for my Weddings and Portraits.

With this addition, I plan on shooting more film. Like way more film! I am excited to take my business to another level of quality and creativity. I am still growing, I am still moving. My first wedding of the season is in two weeks. I can't wait to see the results from start to finish, come Winter! I also took my first two rolls yesterday and will share the images the instant I receive them from the lab. You have my word!

Also, here is a reminder that I'm not so great in front of the camera...I have a "before and after" mosquitos attack image for your viewing pleasure ;)