Creating to create

A few weeks ago I was challenged. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Challenged. I was thrown curveball after curveball. The day was destined to be everything I hoped it wouldn't be, and there wasn't a single thing I do about it. Except keep going and keep creating. 

Photography is a lot like live theatre. In your mind there are so many things that didn't go right. There could have been a set malfunction, or a technical mistake. Maybe an actor said the wrong line. But from the audience's perspective, the performance was memorable, meaningful, and above all, entertaining. They did not see that mistake you did. Hey, even if they noticed, did they care? Probably not. They are captivated by the story and the vision the cast and crew created for them. In both theatre and photography, I notice those mistakes. I notice when I mess up, I notice when someone else messes up. I get my head wrapped and twisted in the wrong direction. Suddenly my mind is on the mistake, not the story. Photography, like theatre, is about the story, the art, the vision, and the meaning behind every couple and individual I cross paths with. In this photography community, our collective mantra has been, it's no longer about me.

So here I am a few weeks ago, head on the mistakes, head on the 'what-could-haves' and 'what-ifs'. And what was the solution? To get over it. To create. To tell the story. To move and shake. To be an artist. To stop thinking about me. To start thinking about my audience. So this...

This is for you.