Jamie & Andrew: Washington Park Engagement

One of the great benefits of working as an Engagement Photographer in the Pacific Northwest, is that the couples I work with LOVE the outdoors. My inbox is reflective of that, couples approach me saying they want to shoot outside, but somewhere with trees and nature. Portland HAS that. Thank you, Portland. 

Jamie and Andrew are no exception. And I am thankful for that. As much as I love shooting downtown, I too love trees and nature. Jamie and Andrew are silly and have a dark sense of humor, which is admittedly a lot of fun to shoot with, not that I doubted it wouldn't be. They are affectionate, but love to tease. They are deeply loving, but do not hesitate to monkey around. We took a quick trip to the trees and hillsides of Washington Park and captured some of their fun love. I hope it makes your day brighter.