Brittany & Gaspar: Hoyt Arboretum Engagement

I can't begin to tell you how lucky I am to be a Wedding & Engagement Photographer. I mean, I could, but that would ruin the magic! The Wedding industry in the Pacific Northwest, namely Portland, is personal, friendly, and full of hardworking entrepreneurs. Brittany fits that category, making it obvious why she's in the business of custom chalkboards and invitations, as well as a number of other profession graphic designs. And she is incredibly talented!!! Getting to work with her on shoots, and for her wedding is not only humbling, but FUN!

Gaspar is a very kind man with a really great smile. He serves his community as a Police Officer, which I'm sure comes with a badge and all. Because of Gaspar's heritage, they are putting together a gorgeous Mexican wedding. From Brittany's handiwork, to tasty homemade food from family and friends, it will be a celebration to remember. I am deeply honored to watch this couple giggle through their Engagement Session, which can sometimes be intimidating at first, and allow me to see how truly happy they are together. I'm counting down the moments until October. But until then, I have these photos and memories to keep me excited.