Photo Diaries: San Francisco

I know how you think I'm gonna start this post. A fitting song by Tony Bennett? It's so tempting, but I'm going to try and get through this whole post without singing it...wish me luck.

I traveled to San Francisco last week for a very mini vacation. Two days of travel, two days of exploring. Well, it turns out, only one day of exploring since we basically did everything in one day. After calculating the steps, I walked approximately 15 miles that first day, and it was all for the food. 

The day started in the neighborhoods, then led us to the waterfront where we sat down with the other tourists for lunch. 

Next stop was the Mission district for pastries, chocolate, and vegan mexican. Told you it was all for the food!!! 

After window shopping and a delicious meal, the hotel beds were calling our names. 


Day two started early, to see the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm talking sunrise early. Out of bed at 5:30, early. Coffee exists for a reason! Follow along with this amazing California sunrise...

and after this, it was back to bed! Then up for lunch, and back to bed! Then up for dinner, and back to bed! Then up the next morning for Portland, and back to my own bed! It was a fun and quick vacation, with a bittersweet goodbye.  All I have to say is, I left my heart in San Francisco.