2015 vs 2016 vs 2017


I am only three days away from leaving Hawaii and heading back home to Portland. So far this vacation has been nothing short of refreshing. From the literally refreshing cocktails, the fantastic ocean breeze, and the comforting sound of ocean waves, I've had an actual chance to take a step back and breathe for the sake of breathing. 

I get to start my new year in Hawaii. They say that the way you spend the first day of the year will set the mood for the rest of the 364 days ahead. In that case, I'll be spending my year with champagne in hand at sunrise! 

Admittedly, however, I'm terrified for the next year. I'm so excited for growth, but scared to death of failure, and stress, and regret. I know, way to set the mood, Katie. To compare my growth of last year to this year, I went back to my 2015 Year in Review blog post and read what my heart had to say. I lacked structure, I lacked meaning, and I lacked challenge. However, the same is not to be said about 2016! I kicked my butt into gear! I found structure through film, meaning through relationships, and challenge through my business. It was a very important year in my growth. I set goals and achieved them. 

But that is why I am scared of 2017. Will I achieve these new goals? Or will I fall flat? As I approach my third year in business, this pit in my stomach grows bigger. Will I make it past that important and crucial fifth year? So today as I sit in the sun, I am telling myself yes. Despite the lump in my throat, I have my notepad and pens. I have goals and commitments. I have resolutions that won't expire. No matter what challenges and defeat I face, they are only small bumps in the road on my way to my success.

To end this post, I want to share with you my top nine most liked photos of 2016. Looking back last year, I couldn't bare to post my best nine because I was embarrassed about my work. I am so proud to say I cannot say the same this year. Thank you for holding my hand along the way, and believing in my journey as an artist, photographer, and business owner.  Here's to a really tough, and extrememly promising New Year.