What to Ask at a Consultation


As you gear up for your upcoming photography consultation, you might be a little nervous as what to ask. Pinterest and large wedding blogs often offer outdated or confusing resources that make it hard to navigate what you are looking for in your services. Maybe the questions you bring to ask end up being information that doesn't pertain to you or your wedding. Instead, create your own list of questions that bring clarity and excitement to your photography booking process. Here are some of my favorite questions to ask and answer at a consultation. 

About the Photographer

  1. How would you describe your photography style?
    • I shoot from a lifestyle approach and use film to achieve a classic light & airy aesthetic
  2. How many weddings do you book in a year?
    • Between 15 and 20
  3. What is your favorite part of the day to photograph?
    • The florals, details, and the bride & groom portraits
  4. Why do you shoot film?
    • Because it's creatively satisfying, has an unparalleled dynamic range, contains a digitally unachievable color palette, has a classic grain, and it captures beautiful images.

About the Wedding Package

  1. How many hours is included in *this* package?
    • My packages are between 6 and 10 hours and are outlined on my pricing sheet.
  2. How many photographers are included in *this* package?
    • Two photographers are included in all my packages.
  3. How many photos will be included in the full gallery?
    • I include around 75 images per hour in the wedding gallery 
  4. What is the print release or printing rights provided?
    • My wedding packages include a print release that grants permission to print any of the images on an 8x10" or smaller to maintain quality and longevity of larger prints and images. 

About the Service

  1. What is the booking process?
    • I require a 25% retainer fee and signed contract to book the date.
  2. What happens if you get sick or hurt?
    • My second photographer will step in as the lead photographer, and an associate will be hired to take place as the new second.
  3. How long does it take to receive my images?
    • It can take up to 90 days during the busy season, but I always aim to finish well in advance. My average turn around time is six to eight weeks.
  4. How far in advance should we plan our engagement session?
    • I recommend booking your engagement session three to five months before the wedding, but no later in case you would like to order photos to be on display for the wedding!

I hope this inspires you to create your own list of questions to ask your photographer, and avoid the unnecessary ones! Take the time to create a list of things that are important to you about the wedding, and don't be afraid to ask the photographer's opinion! Best of luck!