What to Wear, Where you Are


When you're packing for vacation, the first thing you consider is what to wear, where you're going. For a tropical vacation, you would pack shorts, short sleeves, and flowing dresses. And for a chilly northern vacation, you would pack fluffy jackets, cozy sweaters, and boots. The same is quite similar for portrait and engagement shoots!

When picking out your outfit, remember these tips:

  1.  Your outfits should NEVER "match". Think "complimentary" instead! "Matching" outfits tend to look like JCPenny's Ads, while "Complimentary" outfits look more casual and realistic, just how you want your photos to be! 
  2. Try to be fashion forward and dress up. These won't be your most formal images, but the overall quality of the photos will be a factor of attire. Besides, after you've dressed up, and the session it's over, whose to say you can't grab a nice dinner afterwards?
    • Avoid jeans, neon colors, graphic tees, and busy patterns! Opt for longer dresses, or pair a dress with tights.
  3. You can bring more than one outfit! Whether you want two different looks, or you want help narrowing down your options. It's never a bad idea to bring extra outfits. 
  4. Neutrals and light blues are the easiest to photograph, and always look classically beautiful. Reds are an exception and can often add a warm and lively pop to the photos! When in doubt, stick to grey! 
  5. Don't forget the shoes! Remember, you can fake it to make it. What you wear on your feet walking to the session doesn't have to be what you wear during photos. This applies to heels and dress shoes alike. 
  6. Make sure you feel amazing in what you choose. This is the golden rule! If you have doubts, don't wear it. If you have to say "don't shoot this part", don't wear it. If you don't feel like yourself at 100%, don't wear it. 
  7. Consult your photographer! When in doubt, ask for your photographer's advice! Email them photos of what you put together. They will tell you from their experience what will and won't work. Don't spend time stressing out!

Next, think of where you are going and plan accordingly! Here are some examples of styling your outfit according to your location:

  • If you're going to the beach: Wear a neutral color or red flowing dress with flats or wedges to walk in the sand. Bring a long coat to match with it if it's colder! Men, stick to a classic light blue or neutral button up, add a tie for a formal look, and wear your best shoes!
  • If you're in the forrest or at a waterfall: Wear browns, white, and neutrals! Brighter colors will look out of place and can throw off the color balance. Stick to nice pants, or a warm long dress, and pair with a secure pair of shoes, like oxfords! 
  • If you're in a field or on a hill: Anything can go! Light blues, reds, and neutrals look best. This is a great opportunity for a nice pair of heels!
  • If you're in the city: This one is easy! Think about what you would wear to a nice dinner. Same rules as above apply. The city looks great in blues, blacks and greys! 

I hope this helps! You're going to rock your engagement session.