Searching for a Photographer?


Are you searching for a wedding photographer? Tough, right? There are so many options to explore, and so many people to connect with! Remember, like with all wedding vendors, prioritize your needs when searching! Here are some things to think about before contacting a wedding photographer:

  1. Does their aesthetic match what you're looking for? Think posing and editing style! What they post on their website and instagram will reflect what you will receive. Unless the answer is Yes, continue your search!
  2. Do they fit your price range? Wedding Photography is a big investment and isn't often as cheap as you'd hope. There are many expenses that can go into the photographer's work! Think of programs they have to subscribe to, insurance they have to pay for, gear they have to purchase (and have cleaned regularly), and hardware they have to invest in. Not to mention those photographers who purchase, shoot, and process film! Make sure your budget expectations are realistic. If you love a photographer, but they don't fit your budget, either ask for their recommendations, or consider moving costs around to afford them. In the long run, photography is not an investment to skimp on.
  3. Are they available for your wedding date? Seems like a no brainer, right? But it wouldn't feel great to fall in love with a photographer who is already booked To avoid confusion, and start the conversation off right, make sure to put your wedding date in your inquiry!
  4. How is their online presence? If your photographer is active on social media, how do they talk about their business or their clients? Are they a positive person? When they share images or sneak peeks on their Instagram or blog, what is their caption? Is this important to you? If it is, know that your image could be share on their account too!
  5. What do the reviews say? Whether they use Facebook, Google, or WeddingWire to display their reviews, read what their past clients had to say! This is also a great way to see if who you are hiring is a legitimate business, or if they are a friend of a friend who has a camera. 

I hope this helped get you started! Remember, your heart will tell you if this photographer is right for you. Set up in person consultations to get to know them better. It's best to do these one at a time as a courtesy for the photographer. Make a list of your top three if you are struggling.

If you don't immediately click with the first one, send them an email to know you won't be moving forward, then contact the next photographer. The photographers you are contacting only accept a limited number of clients a year, and they chose to meet with you for a consultation.  Think of it like this, you wouldn't feel great if you found out your favorite photographer was meeting someone else at the same time for the same date. These photographers will thank you for your honesty. 

Happy Planning!