Jeremy Chou Workshop Final Thoughts

My experience with this workshop was more than I could have asked for. Each day was like another reward. A reward for asking for help, asking for advice, and seeking the bigger and better. Waking up this morning felt strange. I didn't have a fireplace chat to look forward to. I didn't have more slideshows to take notes from. What I did have was a laptop full of notes, and a contact list of amazing friends and creative resources. 

I found myself researching what workshops are near and far that would apply to my career. Where can I go? What can I explore? Who can I learn from? Whose knowledge can I share? 

I don't have a formal photography education, everything I've learned has purely been hands on. Learning from other creatives, and hearing their experiences, I know my mission is not a lonely one. I got to visit the coast another weekend, and shoot at a venue from my bucket list. I have a vast resource of knowledge and support. I can't ask for anything more.