Jeremy Chou Workshop Day One

What are we hoping to gain from this workshop? Addressed in our introductions, in addition to our names, this was the loaded question of the week. Why was this investment important to us? 

Day one of the Jeremy Chou workshop was a highly anticipated experience. As I sit writing this, I don't know what today holds, or what tomorrow will. I am here to soak up the knowledge. To be a film mastermind. To grow as a photographer and business owner. We sat for a few hours, listening to his stories, advice, and purpose. He invited Donny Zavala and Belinda Olsen from The Find Lab to shed their light on film and the industry. I sat there, laptop out, fingers typing, nodding my head to the knowledge I was being gifted. 

Our styled shoot was at Cannon Beach, right by Haystack Rock. This iconic landscape was the backdrop to the most amazing bridal portrait session I've seen in real life. No exaggeration! With the rain, the fog, the waves, and the wind. It was breathtaking. 

There were complications, I'll admit. The dozen of us, eager to shoot and learn. We scattered and flocked and stared in awe. The students all waited, as impatient as the next, for their turn with our bride. The rain started to drip and drizzle from the sky, and our hearts raced faster. As an outsider, it must have been an entertaining event to watch. 

This morning I sit in bed, reflecting on yesterday and dreaming about today. Why am I here? What am I hoping to gain? That was answered within the first hour. Will today's knowledge do the same? I can honestly and hopefully say yes. 

Workshop Day Two & Three will be posted Thursday!