Wedding Planning Resources

My role in a wedding is not only to be the "photographer", but I also play the part of educator, planner, therapist, bridesmaid, and artistic advisor. I wear many hats, and often all at the same time! It's very important for me to be all of this and more for my clients because often times, they've never been married! Their advice often comes from friends and family, which isn't as helpful as they would hope. There are so many questions to ask, and Google suddenly isn't your best friend anymore. 

So you hire a planner. Good! They wear more hats than any of us. But what about all those questions that are still unanswered? You still don't know if you should do a first look. Where are those tips on feeling great on camera? What about the very first checklist before you even hire a planner? 

Like I said, I play many parts. Under "Information" you can find a tab named "Wedding Planning" to help bring some ease and peace into your life. In addition to my blog, this page is always updating! Make some tea, grab a blanket, and get to that reading material. Soon you will begin to feel refreshed and excited. Wedding planning doesn't have to be scary! 

So here's your first introduction. Why film. You can read about why I added film to my workflow, and the different types of cameras I will use at any given time! You can read the documents below, or visit the Wedding Planning tab to get the full copies of each.