Film Adventures Part III

I will have lived in Portland for two years this October (minus the 4 months I was in Alaska). Since I have lived here, I’ve done a lot in the city, but hardly ever traveled out of it’s limits into Oregon’s many beautiful towns, cities, and landscapes. On Wednesday, I visited the Oregon Coast for my very first time and there was no better way for me to document it than with another roll of expired film and my trusty analogue sidekick.

Having worked in Alaska for two summers on the Kenai Peninsula, I’m very snooty about my coastal towns. Seward was a place of comfort, great coffee (shout out to Nature’s Nectars), rocky “beaches” and the most amazing Halibut sandwich on this beautiful planet. It’s a typical cruise ship with a lot of seasonal workers and not a lot to do but work, lounge, and eat. And yet, it’s my favorite coastal town.

On my way to Cannon Beach, I knew I would not find the most amazing halibut sandwich or the same comfort and coffee Seward knows best, but I knew at least there would be sand and sun, something Seward did not have. Once arriving, I stopped at a small cafe called Sea Level, only a block away from the beach. They used Pacific Chai, which is my favorite, and their interior was beyond adorable. Although they lacked the large comfy couches and the mountain view that the Sea Bean in Seward had, it was cozy and adorable and had me grinning.

After leaving Sea Level, off to the beach it was! And I have my evidence below. Thank you to Hollywood Film for always having free expired film for my nerdy self because I never want to shoot with anything else. I mean look at the character and the grain and the splotches! You might not be impressed by I have heart eyes right now just thinking about it.