Holiday Minis (Part 4): Melissa & Ben

Happy Thursday! Today I'm blogging my final mini session with my personal favorite pictures of the run. Melissa and Ben Park are one of those couples that just has you laughing and smiling the whole time. If Melissa looks familiar to you, she's probably your barista at Rust Coffee Lounge in the Hollywood District (which she actually owns). And if you've ever seen Ben, odds are you saw him in his Portland Fire uniform. If I seem like I'm bragging about knowing them, you're right. 

When they aren't running a coffee shop together, supporting the Hollywood community, or pretty much helping anyone in need (This is where I remind you that Ben is a paramedic), this husband and wife duo are probably relaxing at home with their loving animals, playing Bunko with their friends, or planning a last minute weekend vacation. If not, they might just be taking a nap, which is what I'd do if I was them ;)

Melissa, Ben, and their doodles, joined me at the tree farm for my final Holiday Mini session of the season. This was my first time at the tree farm and I was surprised with how BIG this farm was! I don't have my tree put up yet, but I was definitely hunting for one in between taking pictures. I hope you've enjoyed these mini sessions, and can't wait for this time again next year (but first...Christmas!)