Holiday Minis (Part 1): Chelsea & Thomas

My rush of Holiday mini sessions is over and I wanted to share with you some of my favorites! Chelsea and Thomas, along with their pups, met with me at Cathedral park last month to capture some Christmas photos with an iconic Portland landmark (The St. Johns Bridge!). The last time I was at Cathedral park, it was empty. Maybe a few families with their dogs, but mostly empty.

Not this time! I would say at least 10 other families and photographers were strolling through the park with the same mission as us: Christmas photos! It was very entertaining seeing everyone literally line up for a spot under the bridge. One family at a time! I blame this on the beautiful weather. It was raining for weeks and that was the very first day of real sunshine. We all felt the urgency to take pictures while it was sunny. As we can see today, the sun didn't last long enough.