Katie Dessin Photography Year in Review

As I look back on this year, I see a messy year. A year of learning. A year of mistakes. I see a year of trial & error, and trial & success. I am thankful for 2015 because stuff happened. Not boring stuff, thankfully, but a lot of life changing stuff. 

Currently all over social media, people are sharing their top 9 most liked instagram photos. After looking at what my top 9 most liked were, I was disappointed. My most liked photos on instagram for 2015 were mostly my personal posts. Early on in 2015 I had reset my instagram with the intent on making it better and more consistent. As you can see through my feed, it didn't really happen until very recently. It's really hard guys! So instead of reviewing those 9 random images, I decided to review these 9 of my choosing. These images from my instagram are some of the most memorable and pivotal moments of 2015, and I thought that was worth sharing. From left to right, top to bottom, here is my year in review. 

  1. My last shoot of 2015. I am thankful for working with such a beautiful and talented ladies. I loved shooting at the tree farm and loved how the images came together. Probably top 3 shoot I've done in my books.
  2. My 2016 planner! This book is important to me because it's my navigator and friend for the entire 2016 year. Here's to organization!!!
  3. Kiki!!!!! I cannot explain enough how much I enjoyed my session with Kiki. This shoot is very important to me because I think it's some of my best work of 2015, and when you work with someone this memorable, it's hard to pass up mentioning it in my year in review!
  4. This wedding was my first outside of Oregon (even if it's barely over the border). I was sick with a cold and felt very drowsy, but I didn't let that stop me from doing my job. Tracy & Joey's wedding is the best received wedding I've done and this photo is on my actual top 9 liked photos of 2015.
  5. Over the summer I shot with two high school seniors from Central Catholic and they changed my business completely. They recommended nearly their entire class to me and for the rest of the season, I was shooting senior portraits. This image is from my second shoot with Maddy and Molly. I didn't think I would get another chance to shoot with them, but I did!
  6. This shoot is important to me for a number of reasons. I am very critical of this shoot (you're your own worst critic I hear), but it's the shoot I get the most compliments on. This shoot was scheduled to happen 30-60 minutes before it did. It was supposed to be a sunny day, and I was supposed to have more time than I did. This is what working under pressure looks like. Sometimes, you just have to do your very very best and let the rest be up to fate. 
  7. This is my very first styled shoot. I made many amazing connections and hope to work with them again in the next year. I had an amazing time and learned a lot about where my photography could go.
  8. My first wedding of 2015. I was once told first impressions and last impressions stick with you the longest, the stuff in the middle is forgotten easily.
  9. My first post on Instagram after recycling my old images. Starting fresh is nice, but memories are sometimes nicer. I'm happy I cleaned up my feed, but have it my way I'd do it again. I learned this isn't the way to get by with life, especially not running a business. This is a thought I will carry with me through 2016.