Senior Portraits Adventure - Kiki

Excuse my absence and my tardiness on this blog. It's the holiday season which means everyone and their mothers are getting their Holiday cards pictures taken and I have been SLAMMED with work I couldn't even imagine getting this post up on time if I wanted a decent night's sleep. Remember kids, your health comes first always!

You remember Kiki. She's been plastered all over my blog, portfolio, and instagram. This girl is one of the friendliest, most adorable girls I have ever worked with. She's kind, talented, and controls the camera from wherever she stands. I love her energy and effortlessness in person, but boy does it shine on camera! Kiki is hoping to study in Texas where she'll follow her dreams as a Sports Broadcaster (If she doesn't marry an athlete first)! I personally can't wait to see her smile behind the screen once more. You'll see what I mean below! 

Kiki has a lot of personality and a really great fashion sense, which is why we had to break this regular 90 minute session into two 45 minute session so we could capture her many faces. First to the fields of Cascade Station, then through the street of the Pearl. I love these sessions so so much and I hope you do too, even at a fraction. Enjoy!