Holiday Bridal Teaser

As we have been caught in such a heavy rainstorm for so long, we are starting to feel a little hopeless. Of course, we need this rain, but it does put a damper on our moods (pun intended). During a short moment of dry sky, I joined Kelsey for a second round of outdoor bridal images while we had the chance. Along with a stunning bouquet and a few of Kelsey's incredible invitations (by Brittany Hampton), we spent an hour at a tree farm goofing off, laughing, and taking some really amazing photos in the chilly air. 

I love the winter season; I'm a fan of festivity, sweaters, cocoa, red and green, and Christmas trees.  I most especially love winter weddings. Or in this case, winter bridal shoots. Despite this unfavorable weather, I feel especially inspired and get a lot of work done in the warmth and comfort of my home. As I reflect on 2015 and begin planning 2016, I'm feeling really excited about the next year of weddings. I also hope there's a leap in winter weddings over the next few years, because they're just so freaking beautiful!!! 

2-Grid 2.jpg