Rhododendron Gardens -- Maddy Senior Photos

I love finding new locations to shoot at, and I love when my clients suggest locations they've never been to either -- makes for a TRUE adventure!

This is the second time shooting with Maddy, the first time was over the summer. As great as the sumemr is, everyone loves a  good fall shoot! Maddy suggested we shoot at the rhododendron because it was recommended to her by a classmate. The park was open with lots of unique places to shoot. Rhododendrons and Azaleas are commonly found in Asia, Japan and Korea hold festivals around May to welcome the beautiful flowers. We noticed a lot of Asian influence in the foliage and bridges in the park, which would have easily been complimented has the flowers been in bloom. I hope to visit the park again come spring time, because the beauty of the park can only get better. I hope you enjoy Maddy's senior photos!