East Esplanade -- Willis Senior Photos

As much as I love recommendations, there is nothing cooler than a client finding my business on their own. It's especially cool when they choose my business over the other hundreds in the surrounding area. Willis's mother emailed me a few weeks ago to schedule a session for her son Willis, from Cleveland High School. I've never done any senior portraits for the students at Cleveland so I was thrilled to make a new connection. 

Willis is a biker and spends a lot of his time on the popular biking routes, notably the East Esplanade. I've done a few shoots on the Esplanade, but this is the first time I shot around OMSI and the new Tillikum Bridge. It was actually my first time on this new bridge ever, so that was neat. 

Willis likes the smolder, despite having such a great smile, but it really works for him. Typically for senior photos, I try to get my clients to loosen up and laugh a little, but Willis gave me some amazing stiff looks that really worked for him. But yes, I did get some great grins! I hope you enjoy.