Thanksgiving Bridal Inspiration

A couple weeks ago I teamed up with Bramble Floral Design, NW Events & Environments, and Portland model Jenny Jen Meeker. We quickly put together a fall festive bridal shoot for all those brides getting married during November, more specifically around Thanksgiving. 

The colors of the bouquet communicated "fall" without getting too close to a winter arrangement. Alli of Bramble Floral Design did an amazing job putting together a number of pieces of table displays as well as a beautiful deep red bouquet. The slight touch of orange she added to the chair display brought all the pieces together beautifully. 

We chose to shoot at Howell Territorial Park at what was supposed to be sunset. Of course this is Oregon, and despite this sunny weather we've been having, we have a fine share of the overcast days. Obviously there were hardly any complaints as it gave us the opportunity to pull those deep dark hues from the bouquet and properly document them. 

For this shoot, we wanted to use an off white dress to take away from the traditional theme we were traveling with. We chose a lilac sheath dress that wasn't so distracting it would take away from the color scheme, but was different enough to turn heads, as every bride wants to achieve.

For the final piece of the shoot, we traveled to Hillsboro to shoot at the NW Events & Environments studios. The table, chairs, and napkins was provided for the shoot, while the rest of the set up was DIY. Bramble Floral Design provided complimentary pieces to top it all off. 

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